The Sacred Feminine, Solstices, Ceremonies and Avalon are celebrated through a number of different events:

Workshops/ groups
Goddess Ceremonies/ Solar Festivals
Awakening the Heart England Retreat
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Goddess Ceremonies/ Solar Festivals
Eight annual solar events (solstices, equinoxes and the quarter points in between) were celebrated for millennia as holy days, and are still recognized today as energetic gateways. In honouring the quarter points, we align with these potent energies to call in healing, transformation, and inspiration into our lives.

The Goddess Rocks Dream Circle
Friday, January 12, 2018 at 7 PM - 10 PM

Cost: $24.00 in advance (Eventbrite, PayPal or e-transfer)
or $30 at the door

KiaNL2018v2The Goddess Rocks Dream Circle is for women who want to connect with:
- the alchemical cauldron of the dream realm, tribal fire, and sisterhood
- our dreams as whispers from our souls
- the Divine Feminine within ourselves, and as Source Energy/Shakti
- exploring our dreams' potential for healing-transforming-darkness-light-power-pleasure-bliss-magick!

Each dream circle involves dream-journeying together, and exploring soul messages for our paths, individual and collectively. Together we'll bring the spirit medicine of the Sacred Feminine back into our lives, our communities, and our world.

Circles may include:
- sharing dreams, learning how to mine our dreams for hidden gold
- active dialoguing with powerful dream characters/elements
- re-entering our dreams (to seek information, explore, complete the story, or change the ending!)
- dream theatre (So. Much. Fun!)
- collectively receiving a dream message for the circle's participants

To attend: Ensure a spot by paying in advance (Maximum: 12 people)!
You may also RSVP by e-mailing (you'll be notified if we're getting close to selling out).

Please arrive between 6:45-7pm to sign in/pay.
(The front doors of the building sometimes automatically lock at 7pm.)

Looking forward to dreaming together! When women gather in circles, magick happens.♥

The Goddess Rocks Full Moon Circle
Sun. Jan 28, 6-8:30pm

Cost: $24.00 in advance through Eventbrite (PayPal or e-transfer are also possible)
or $30 at the door

E-mail info@RavenHeartHealingArts .com to be notified if space is filling up.
(Maximum: 12 people)

Please arrive between 5:45-6pm to sign in/pay (Buzz 0610 to be let in).
The circle starts at 6:00pm and front doors of building will be locked. 

dreamstimeNLThe Goddess Rocks Full Moon Circle is for women who want to connect with:
- the alchemical energy of the moon, tribal fire, and sisterhood 
- myths and stories about our Divine Feminine nature
- the Divine Feminine (within ourselves, and as Source Energy)
- primal feminine nature, the 'Wild Self' 
- our bodies as powerhouses - experiencing the creative power of the female body, the alchemical cauldron of womb-space, the energetic home of Shakti, the Great She, creation-destruction-healing-transforming-dark-light-power-pleasure-magick 

Circles may include: 
- stories and wisdom from the amazing resource Women who Run with the Wolves
- mythological stories of Goddesses
- full moon rituals
- drumming
- chanting, singing
- movement
- raising energy to send out into the world for healing and transformation (for personal and local/global issues)
- practices for sacred embodiment and Divine Feminine connection

When women gather in ceremony and circle, magic happens. ♥

Imbolc Ceremony with Kia LaFey 

Feb. 2nd at  7:00pm - 9:30pm. (Sign-in 6:45-7:00pm) 

- In advance through Eventbrite/e-transfer: $22.12 +HST ($25.00) 
- Same day: $26.55 +HST ($30.00)

Join us in ceremony and connection as we celebrate Imboc- the powerful quarter point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Our ceremonies honour the Divine Feminine as the Lady of Avalon, and Her seasonal aspects the Morgens, including Morgen LaFey from Arthurian tales. At Imbolc, the Lady of Avalon appears as the Maiden, whose loving, uplifting energy brings healing, transformation and inspiration, so we may be reborn at Spring Equinox. 

RSVP: Please pre-register to ensure a spot, by e-mailing Kia at or Stephanie at


Samhain Ceremony

Join us in ceremony and connection as we celebrate Samhain- the Celtic New Year, and festival of honouring Ancestors. Our ceremonies honour the Divine Feminine as the Lady of Avalon, and Her seasonal aspects - the Sisterhood of Nine Morgens, including Morgen LaFey. At Samhain, the Lady of Avalon appears as the Grandmother or the Crone, whose powerful, loving energy supports us as we release ourselves from negative influences of the past and present. We also remember the gifts of our loved ones and inspiring influences who have moved onto the next realm, but are still with us in our hearts.

Goddess Ceremony - Lughnasadh

The Celtic festival of Lughnasadh takes place at the quarter point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. This is the pinnacle of summer; when we take time to enjoy the sun's light and warmth and the ripe fruits of the earth, we are fully present in the pleasure and abundance of life. Lughnasadh is the celebration of the First Harvest - the first cutting of the grains of the earth, and harvesting what we have sown in our lives and communities. 

The Sacred Feminine is invoked as the Lady of Avalon, and Her eight aspects throughout the Wheel of the Year-  at Lughnasadh, She takes the form of Morgana the Mother.  Her nourishing, loving energy supports us as we gather our personal and collective harvests. In the ceremony of Lughnasadh, we celebrate our abundance and heart-connections. 

Goddess Ceremony - Winter Solstice   

Join us in ceremony and community as we celebrate Solstice, a time of stillness and peace - we'll go deep within the darkness to bring back the light into the world and into our hearts. 

The solar festival of Winter Solstice or Yule takes place when the Sun enters Capricorn - on this longest night of the year, we gather to welcome the return of the Light!  From this point on, even as we face the cold and snow of winter, we'll see the sunlight slowly returning - knowing that in a matter of months, life will be returning to the earth. Honouring the seasons helps us to align with the natural cycles of the earth and our bodies - by consciously passing through this energetic gateway, we'll better prepare ourselves for winter, and bringing forth new seeds for the light half of the year. 

The Divine Feminine in our ceremonies is invoked as the Lady of Avalon. At Yule, She appears as the Ancient One, the Dreamer whose powerful, loving energy will help see us through the winter months, and activates our intuition and visioning. By calling upon the energies of Avalon, we'll activate peace and stillness in our psyches- for deep rest, rejuvenation and dreaming the world we desire into being. 

Samhain ceremony

Join us in ceremony and connection as we celebrate all hallows and the supernatural energies of this time of year.

The Celtic festival of Samhain marks the dark, dormant phase of the earth cycle in the Northern Hemisphere, where all living things slow down and go deeper into themselves until spring. Energetically this is a time of releasing what is no longer needed, to make room for new life.

Samhain is one of two points in the earth cycle when the boundary to the world of Spirit grows thin - it is the optimal time for going within, and honouring our ancestors and their gifts to us. Our ancestors include all people we’ve cared about who have passed on- this can include anyone whose teachings and lives have had a profound influence on us.

In this Goddess ceremony we honour the energies of Samhain, and the Divine Feminine in the form of the Lady of Avalon. At Samhain, She appears as the Grandmother, whose powerful, loving energy supports us as we release ourselves from any negative influences of the past or present, and remember the gifts of those who have passed out of our lives but are still with us in our hearts.

Avalon Goddess Ceremony: Beltane, A Festival of Blossoming  

At the quarter point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is the Celtic festival of Beltane. At this time in the earth cycle, we enter the height of spring; spring starts slowly at the equinox and builds gradually; by Beltane, we are seeing green grass, budding trees, and blossoming flowers. There is a hint of warmth in the air that whispers of summer. We take pleasure in our movement towards the most abundant and lush time of the year.

In this Beltane ceremony, we'll ritually enter into the Blossoming energy of the season, and allow our spirit to flower deliciously. The Divine Feminine is invoked as the Lady of Avalon - at Beltane She appears as Morgan Thetis, who activates powerful, sensual life force to rise in us and pour into our relationships, creative projects, and soul-journeys. We call upon the energies of Avalon to align with the sovereignty, beauty and love present in our essential nature, the sacred feminine within.
Dream Journeying with the Sacred Feminine

Kia Raven LaFey: Priestess of the Goddess, Priestess of Avalon

As a child, Kia LaFey dreamed of being a doctor or a fairy sorceress. Twenty years of studying energy healing, shamanism and spiritual traditions of magick have helped her find a way to distil both dreams into their essence! Through Raven Heart Healing Arts and the newly formed Goddess Temple of Toronto, she is honoured to help individuals and circles awaken to magick and the Divine Feminine within, and create transformation in their lives. The most profound aspect of healing work has been witnessing people step forward from the shadow of social conditioning and their past, and go on to accomplish things that they once thought were impossible.

Kia's training includes:
- Psychoanalytic Thought and Women's Studies (University of Toronto)
- Holistic Health training (Transformational Arts College)
- Reiki Level III apprenticeship, Reiki Mastery (Pamela MacDonald)
- Sekhem Level One and Two (Transense Healing Arts)
- Shamanic healing (Medicine Circle)
- Traditional teachings of the Sacred Feminine (Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies)
- Faerie shamanism of the British Isles (Danu Forest)
- Shamanic dream work (Robert Moss)
- Three year Priestess of Avalon training (Glastonbury Goddess Temple)

Kia is a regular traveller to Glastonbury and Avalon, and is collecting frequent flyer miles from her journeys to the spirit realm.

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